Our Treatment

Buddha was asked,

“What you gain from Meditation ?”

He Replied ?

“Nothing! However Buddha Said,  Let me tell you

What I Lost: “Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old Age and Death

  1. We as a group remove the negative working of the mind activity from the affected person’s system. We work as a group so as to share the negative effects among ourselves.
  2. Next phase, we infuse positive energy vibration in to his system.
  3. We initiate his major and minor chakras.
  4. We advise him on a food diet sleeping pattern, yoga exercises
  5. Once in a week, we ask him to visit us and we give him good counseling to help him come out of his depression totally
  6. Allopathy treatments give sedative only to silence the mind through drugs.
  7. The patient will always be in a drowsy state
  8. The patient has to take life long medication.
  9. The continued usage of drugs leads to so many other complications
  10. The patient will be like a zombie only.
  11. Whenever the person stops the medication the haunting of depression will come back with a bang.
  12. Sedative drug can’t cure depression but it can temporarily silence the mind.
  13. Drugs are not at all the solution.
  14. The doctors they observe the mind only from outside.
  15. Only spiritual people know the real working of the mind inside out.