“Mind in its purest and crystallized form is very near to ‘truth’ and a man who has traveled deep within and understood all the dimensions of the mind through meditation and escape from its clutches is near to ‘God’ “- Guruji Sundar

“Meditation is a constant practice through which one achieves complete mastery over his/her mind and realizes the imperishable Self”.

The A-Z of mind

In a common man’s words, mind is a pure collection of thoughts; it includes the memories of the past and the projections about the future.

However, Mind is a beautiful instrument given by God to play his music. Though it is pure in a child, it starts accumulating so much from society until it becomes a personality on its own. It has its own positives, negatives, highs and lows.

Some are not even aware about the entity called mind. A positive mind can accomplish wonders; the same way a negative mind can create havoc;

Once a person understands the nature of the mind, then there is no room for depression and mental disorders. Actually there is no such thing called as depression.

In a sense, mind as such cannot become unhealthy and hence it need not be cured. It can only be layered by different thoughts.

Only we need to understand its unusual behavior and the causes of it. It may be due to a variety of factors. It could be an astral attachment. It could be a negative polarity of the mind due to the surroundings, it could also be because of tremendous loss of energy resulting in sleeplessness and excessive thinking.

Understanding of the mind can happen only in awareness. Awareness is a quality which arises out of meditation.

We offer cure for all mental disorders through a holistic practice of meditation and healing. We analyze the problem in a different dimension and suggest remedial measures in a meditative way.

For example, just like a doctor taking care of the physical body and doing surgery to cure a problem in the body; likewise, we annihilate the negative part of the mind and infuse the mind with a lot of positive energy through uniquely developed meditative practices in order to transform and then sustain the positivity.

Though we offer our best support for such people, do remember that we would need a consent also our Guruji and from the almighty existence to proceed with the cure.

Over and beyond, we show them the bigger door; the door to Moksha through meditation.